The Customer Wins Big at Daytona Ice Arena

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The Customer Wins Big at Daytona Ice Arena
New ownership providing significant renovations that will
greatly enhance the customer experience.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (December 4, 2018) – Daytona Ice Arena, the newest DME Sports venue, is proud to announce that Phases 1 & 2 of our four-phase renovation project is now complete.

Daytona Ice Arena is happy to welcome all to the new Daytona Ice Arena where we truly believe we are now offering “A New Skate of Mind” for our current and growing customer base.
New is definitely the key word!

Among the Enhanced Customer Amenities:

  • New Rental Skates, Skate-Aid Scooters & Rental Lockers.
  • Thaw Zone Café & Cellys Sports pub are now open.
  • New Skating programs for all ages and abilities.

New Website/Social Media/Branding

  • Visit to learn more
  • Facebook: daytonaicearena
  • Instagram: @daytonaicearena2142
  • Tagline: A New Skate of Mind