Daytona International Skateway

Field Trips

Interesting & Educational Field Trip
Learn and Skate!

Our Cool School** Field Trips can put a new spin on teaching and help make learning extra fun! Currently, we offer three different learning experiences and will customize the field trip to fit your students’ age and detail of the experience you want. We can also provide information/links for use in your classroom to enhance their learning experience or provide a room at the rink for videos, lectures or additional experiments.

>> STEM Trips (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
Your students will learn about the science behind ice making, the physics of ice sports, and the technology that keeps it all running. The field trip includes a tour to the chiller room where the machinery is housed that keeps the ice frozen, a close up view of ice resurfacer and a talk on how they work. We will explain about the technology behind the skates - why different edges, length of blades and shapes of boots are needed for the different ice sports. How principals of math affect spins, jumps and hockey shots! They will try some experiments off and on the ice that helps demonstrates applied science (and will also help them skate better)!

>> Artistry in Motion (Music & Drama)
Students will get to learn how figure skaters use body placement, movement and expression to help bring music to life. We will also explain how jumps, spins, spirals, footwork, etc. are incorporated into the program to enhance and bring depth. Off ice we will do some drama and movement exercises. On the Ice we will learn that skating to the music and rhythm actually makes your skating easier. And that different styles of music changes the interpretation of movement. It is fun and it encourages them to create their own routines and bring music to life.

>> Stay Fit (Health and Physical Education)
This field trips helps get kids moving! Healthier and Happier. It boosts both mental and physical health. So not only burning about 300 calories in an hour (average burned during recreational skating), but they are building muscles and improving flexibility. Their cardiovascular system and concentration both working to keep them moving around while having fun. We will play games and do some fun drills and show different ways of skating that also works on different parts of their body. All of this helps increase balance and build spatial awareness. Best of all they are having fun…we call them PlayOuts not workouts!

Cost per student $10 *. Skating is during public sessions and tours /off ice activities are usually scheduled just prior to allow more ice time. Field trips must be booked at least 5 days in advance and a deposit of $50 is required for most group bookings. * Cost is adjusted for any additional options requested such as lunch, walkers, etc.

For more information/bookings contact Justin Cirillo.
Phone: (386)256-3963

* Public sessions may be cancelled due to special events. Please check web calendar for updates.

The Volusia County School Board is not affiliated with this event/program in any manner, nor does it endorse or assume any responsibility for any activities which may occur in connection with it.

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