Daytona Ice Arena offers plenty of options for figure skaters to train via lessons and open freestyle sessions.

Lessons are a great option for skaters ready to switch from public skating to freestyle and for advanced skaters ready to enjoy freestyle with or without lessons.

Figure skating lessons are available year-round, 6 days a week. We can customize a program to fit your skill level, strengths and areas that need improvement.

Our figure skating teachers and coaches are in compliance with US Figure Skating and PSA rules and regulations. For the safety and ensured protection of our clients, each coach meets the required continuing education requirements (CER’S), proper insurance coverage and annual background screenings. Note: Only Daytona Ice Arena coaches are permitted to conduct lessons.

Freestyle time provides you an opportunity to practice and improve your skating skills and develop your routines on a regular basis. You may practice solo or with one of our DIA coaches.

Learn to Skate Registration is required to attend the class. Registration Link follows:


Figure Skating Lessons are available throughout the week.

Clinics & Camps

DIA Figure Skating Clinics and camps will help you focus on areas that need improvement and improve your over-all skating technique and ability.

Open Freestyle

Open Freestyle Figure Skating is a great way to develop your skills.