Daytona International Skateway

Figure Skating


For the higher level LEARN TO SKATE Students ready to skate on freestyle sessions

Option 1
$125.00 you will be allowed on the freestyle session each Tuesday at 5:30 to 6:00, this also includes you regular public session card. 
Each ½ hour freestyle session is a $7.50 value 8 weeks is $60.00 you will save $35.00
This is a great option for the basic skills skater wanting to take a private lesson on a freestyle session as opposed to a public session, or that’s not quite ready to skate a freestyle session on their own without a coach.
A great savings also for the LTS skater already in the freeskate class
Option 2
$160.00 will include I LTS class each week plus 8 freestyle sessions, this package does not include public session passes.
Freestyle sessions are $15.00 per hour- times 8 $120.00, a $60.00 savings.
This package is designed for those skaters ready to switch from public session skating to freestyle session skating.  For skaters advanced enough to handle a freestyle session on their own with or without a lesson.

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