Daytona Ice Arena is all having fun on ice! DIA offers a wide array of learning programs to help kids and adults of all ages experience new activities and sports.

Daytona Ice Arena is all about getting new people introduced to ice sports! We offer a wide array of programs for people of all ages to learn a new activity/sport. Our Learn to Skate Program continues to introduce over 1000 new participants to ice skating each year. Learn to Skate acts as a stepping stone for skating enthusiasts with a desire to move into other sports, such as Figure Skating and Ice Hockey.

Learning program graduates could then progress into our Learn to Play Hockey or Figure Skating programs, depending on which sport interests them. Our "Never Too Late to Learn" league is a learn to play hockey program for teens and adults, which introduces new players to the sport of ice hockey every week. Life is too short to sit around - get on the ice and get active at Daytona Ice Arena!

Learn to Skate

Our Daytona Ice Arena Learn to Skate programs are perfect for skaters of every age!

Learn to Play Hockey

Daytona Ice Arena has a variety of Learn to Play Hockey programs for players of all ages!

Youth Hockey

This program is ideal for those who have an early love for the game of ice hockey.

Take a Shot at Hockey

Take a Shot at Hockey is a school physical educational program designed to introduce students to the sport of ice hockey.

Adult Hockey

Our staff is fully trained to teach skating and slap shots to all adults who want to learn to play hockey.