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Skate & Shoot

Check back soon to learn more about our Skate & Shoot program and schedule.

Skate & Shoot

Skate & Shoot are hockey development sessions where players are given the opportunity to work on their skills. Sessions are open to players of all ages and take place year- round.

 January - March 2021

Youth Skate & Shoot - Monday 5:30-6:30pm and Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm

Adult Skate & Shoot - Thursday 4:45-5:45pm


  • Players 18 and younger must wear full hockey equipment.
  • Players 18 and older are required to wear helmet, gloves and skates.
  • Only DIA instructors are permitted to conduct lessons.

$18.00 per participant per session

Adult Drop-in Hockey

Our Adult Drop-In program allows you to casually test and improve your skills with other players with exciting pick-up games or just practice drills.

Adult Drop-in Hockey

All ages 18 yrs and older

Adult pick-up offers a stick time session exclusively for adults.
Participants can use this time as an opportunity to work on skill development, or play a friendly game of pick-up.

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  • Full hockey equipment is required.

Cost: $18

Rookie Drop-in Hockey

Beginner or Rookie Level Hockey Players ONLY

All ages 18 yrs and older

Our Rookie Drop-In Hockey games are exclusively for beginner hockey players or those who are looking to have a pick up game with other players of the same skill set. Rookie Drop-In Hockey games provide a place for beginner and Rookie level players to work on their individual skills and game play in a slower paced and non judgemental environment.

  • Full hockey equipment is required.

Cost: $15 for members or $18 for non-members

Private Hockey Lessons

Private Hockey Lessons are the best way to improve your skills quickly. Our talented coaches and trainers understand the methods necessary to hone skills from players of any level. If you want to be the best player you can be, consider private hockey lessons.

DIA Hockey Lessons

All Ages

Our professional coaching staff will lead a skill specific clinic each week. Each clinic will focus on the proper techniques of each skill and developing each player with proven methods of training. These clinics are fun and are for all levels of players!

Private Lesson: $75.00/Hour
Group Lessons: $50.00/Hour