Off-Ice Strength, Conditioning, Skill and Agility Workouts, plus Nutritional Guidance and More!

Stillman Rice: 40 years’ experience in the Health, Fitness and Sports Training Industry.

Stillman Rice is an accomplished personal trainer, consultant and athlete with sports-specific training experience. His workouts are tailored to specific sports and individuals to ensure the best possible results. 40 successful years in the Health & Fitness industry has established his position as one of central Florida's leaders in personal wellness, fitness and competitive sports training.

Experience, Education and a Life-long Commitment to Athletic Excellence!

Benefit by a five-point assessment and pro-active training strategy to give you the edge.
  1. Identify Your Bio-mechanical Frailties and Establish Methods to Overcome
  2. Comprehensive Strength & Conditioning Assessment
  3. Appraisal of Your Endurance, Agility/Flexibility and Explosive Movements
  4. Nutritional Support and Guidance to Improve Your Stamina, Strength and Over-all Vigor
  5. Mental Alertness and Confidence Training to Apply to All Aspects of Your Life